Do you want to know that your waste is being recycled and turned into usable products instead of stinking up the world in landfills? 99 Dollar Debris Box delivers that opportunity right to your driveway. Our company was built around a belief that there is no such thing as garbage. We make sure that you can sleep well at night knowing that you are helping the world be a better place by recycling all of your clutter, garbage, yard clippings, and debris. Call us, we make it easy to be green when you order a dumpster from 99 Dollar Debris Box.RCIlogo

We are also the only RCI (Recycling Certification Institute) certified solid waste processing center in the Bay Area. The RCI oversees a national certification program that submits recycling facilities to a rigorous and comprehensive process to ensure integrity, transparency, and accuracy in all aspects of recovery and recycling.

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