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Q: How much will a debris box cost me to use for 7 days?

The total cost for the debris box includes the rental, delivery, pickup, disposal, and taxes will be around $475.  This price is dependent upon your location and the type of materials you will be disposing. Please contact our representative at 408.426.8238 to confirm pricing.

Q: What are the dumpster dimensions?

We only have 20 cubic yard containers. They are 4.5′(height) x 16′(length) x 8′(depth).

Q: How long is the rental for the debris box?

Each rental is for 7 days, but for an extra fee we can extend the rental period.  We can also pick up the box sooner than 7 days if you would like.

Q: Can material be sticking up, over the edge of the dumpster?

No, the material you put in the dumpster can’t be sticking out or stacked above the rim.

Q: Do you take hazardous waste material?

No, we don’t take any hazardous waste material (paint, oil, chemicals, etc.)

If you have hazardous waste, please contact:

  • Santa Clara County Hazardous Waste at 408.299.7300
  • Alameda County Household Hazardous Waste at 510.670.6460
  • San Mateo County Hazardous Waste Program at 650.372.6200

Q: What days do you deliver?

We deliver Monday through Saturday.

Q: Can I put a mattress in the bin?

Yes, as long as it does not stick out over the rim of the bin.

Q: Is it really only $99 to rent a debris box?

$99 Debris Box is our name and the cost of the debris box rental. The total cost is around $400 depending on your location and the city taxes.

Q: Do you take computer monitors or TV’s?

We do and we recycle them also.

Q: Are you part of the CDD (Construction & Demolition Diversion) Program in San Jose?

We are part of the CDD Program as well as all the construction waste recycling programs within the Bay area.

Q: Does the debris box have a cover on it?

No, the box does not have a cover on it.